Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday in the sun

The sun did shine off and on today, so we got out to enjoy it. My "care takers" would only let me wander around and watch them having fun, but I did have my camera. Here are some of the fun things they did.
Lee helped Mom plant the hibiscus bush he got me for Mother's Day.
Gator time!
Matt washed the car and said I wasn't allowed to drive after dark any more. He also mentioned something about the bugs in Obion County being as big as birds. I'm not sure what he meant....

Lee thought washing the car sounded like fun, so he got his own soap bucket and washed his gator.
Here he is showing off the garage he built this morning. I liked the way he was doing his arms like Vanna White.
Since we weren't leaving the house today, Mom didn't curl her hair. While they were outside, Lee asked her why it wasn't curled. She told him why and asked if it looked bad. He said, "Well, I just haven't ever seen it looked like that before." It was a good day, and I am feeling really good. I feel better when I am up and moving, so I expect to feel even better tomorrow.

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