Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lee is 4!

**WARNING** This is a ridiculously long post, so grab a drink and snack, and get comfy.
Here is the new four year old! He looks ready to take on the world, doesn't he? He has been participating in a pottery class this week, so he was thrilled to get to wear his birthday shirt to show his friends. The whole time we were getting ready to leave, he kept asking, "Am I 4 yet?" So at 8:49, while we were en route to class, I confirmed that he was officially 4 years old. Later I told him the story from the day he was born, and he liked that.
After Mudslingers, Subo, Paul and Hope hosted a mini-party for Lee at their house. We ordered a pizza and then enjoyed cupcakes. Lee loves to blow out candles, so this was a real treat!
After lunch, it was play time! First was a friendly game of Hungry Hippos.
Then it was movie-time.
Hope decided she needed her own chair. I don't have a clue why Lee needed so many blankets.
Then it was lego time! Thanks Tusas for a fun-filled afternoon!
Lee could hardly wait for Daddy to get home to open his presents. He got a new Cars shirt....
....and some Cars rain boots. He's trying to dance in them here, but they're a little too heavy for dancing. Since it has rained every day this week, he has had plenty of opportunities to break them in.
A new book all about birthdays!
These might have been the highlight. What can he possibly do with Flo, Ramone and Mr. The King?
Oh I knew he would have a plan for them! These are not all Cars characters, but he doesn't know that. He gives them all a name he chooses anyway.
Mr. The King is his favorite! He even insisted on taking him out to supper with us.
After supper, we enjoyed some play time outside.
We borrowed this slide from Paul to use at Lee's party this weekend, and Lee has enjoyed it this week.
I'm this many! We had an exhausting but wonderful day. It seemed to fly by, so I'm glad we have the party to look forward to on Saturday. It has only been a couple of days, but so far I really love the age 4!

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