Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday funnies

To kick off the Fish Fry Festivities, the ladies at Story Hour provided the kids with a fish-themed day. They sang fish songs, did a fish craft, read 2 fish books, went fishing and got a fishy surprise! Lee is decorating his fish bowl here.
Next he got to go fishing in Mrs. Donna's closet. He liked reeling.
He caught some goldfish!
The best part of Lee's day was when Mrs. Mary Lynn asked the kids if they would like to take a fish home with them. Lee requested 2. When Mrs. Mary Lynn asked me if that was okay, I told her I wasn't prepared to make such a big decision on short notice. I had no idea we were going home with a pet! I was being funny, of course, and told her that Lee could have 2 "fish."

He was beyond thrilled!
He sang to them, talked to them and told them all the things he was going to teach play tag. He named them Thomas and Percy. We had a couple of errands to run after Story Hour, and he toted them into each place. After our first stop, he was shaking the bag and said, "Oh my! Look how much you have grown." It was so funny. Melody convinced her boys to take theirs to a pond and release them. When she invited Lee to join them, he said, "No! These fish are going home with me!" There was no hesitation. So we went to Walmart to get some food for them. When we got back in the car, I noticed one was not looking so great. He was not playing tag with his friend, as Lee had demanded. I knew we were in trouble. By the time we got home, both fish were doing the backstroke. We had some excitement with a snake in the garage(another post for another time) so Lee forgot about them. Hopefully, we can get him a goldfish at the carnival this week. He'll be so excited.

Here is a frog that he colored last week. It was hanging in the hall at school, and he was tickled to see his art displayed.

Lee LOVES the musical cards these days. I usually have more fun choosing a card than a gift, because I get to watch him dance. Sweet Brylie broke her leg this weekend, so we were choosing a get-well card for her at the store. Lee found a card that played Shout! He loved it. He was dancing so much that he drew an audience. Normally he gets really shy in these situations, but not today. He kept on shaking it until the music stopped.

This was the grand finale when I thought he was going to do the splits. The people watching him clapped when he was done. Then he got shy and clung to my leg. It was great while it lasted.

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  1. So I take it the fish didn't make it?! :) Lee is so funny dancing to the cards! Glad we have our cameras even when we go to the store or else we would miss some fun shots!