Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Day!

We went to Memphis in this car....

and came home in this one!
We bought a new car today and are so excited. I haven't driven it yet, because it was getting dark by the time we left the dealership. We were also having to detour around construction, in unfamiliar territory, so I didn't feel comfortable driving it. I did test drive another model, so it won't be completely foreign to me. Matt looked pretty comfortable on the way home, so I might not get to drive it until he goes to work on Monday! We stopped by my parents' in Collierville on the way home to show it to them. That was fun. When we got on a straight stretch of road, Matt punched it to see what it would do, and Lee said, "Daddy, I've never seen you drive this fast in my whole life!" It was hysterical. We stopped at a McDonald's on the way home to eat, and as we pulled in, Lee said, "For the love of Pete, are we eating McDonald's for supper? We've never eaten supper here before." That's right, but it's not for a lack of asking on his part. He could and would eat 3 meals a day there. It was a long day of looking, driving and signing. Lee was such an angel through the whole process. He was excited about the change and enjoyed getting to ride in the different vehicles. I got a little emotional while cleaning out my "old" car. Luckily, Matt and Lee were in the office and couldn't see me. The old man who worked at the used car lot was about to whisk it away, and he started telling me how cute Lee was and how he bet I'd made a lot of memories with that car, etc. What finally did me in was when he said, "I'll bet this is the car you brought that sweet boy home from the hospital in, right?" About that time, I pulled a tiny pair of shorts out of the back seat pocket that belonged to Lee when he was first potty training. The tears came then. In an effort to make me feel better, he said, "This happens all the time. We have people sit in their cars out here for an hour before they leave it." I tried to clean my face up before I went back in, but Matt could tell I had been crying and just rolled his eyes at me. I'm pretty sure he said something about "For the love of Pete!" Wonder where Lee gets it!
I have had fun with my old car and was sad to leave it in Memphis, but I can't wait to drive the new one and make tons of new memories!

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