Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fish Fry Fun

It's time for the World's Biggest Fish Fry in Paris. We kicked things off last night by going to the fish tent and carnival. We had a blast!

After standing in line at the Fish Tent for an hour, we enjoyed a delicious catfish dinner. We told Lee that when it was his turn, he should tell the ladies who were serving, what all he would like on his plate. So when it was his turn, he told Judge Vicky, "I would like a corndog, please." Wrong place, kid. She thought it was a hoot. He got some fish and fries and loved it.

The carnie told Lee that he wasn't tall enough to ride the giant slide alone, even though some of his friends, who are younger and smaller, were zipping right through. So Mawmaw was a trooper and rode with him. He loved it, even though he wanted to do it by himself!

I got the pics out of order. This was actually the last ride of the night. Earlier, we ran into Lee's friend, Harrison, and his parents wanted them to ride this dragon roller coaster together. Neither boy was going for it. So at the end of the night, we told Lee he could ride one more ride, and this is what he chose. He LOVED it and rode it more than once....much to his daddy's dismay!

We took a break from the rides to play this fishing game. Lee was a little disappointed, because he thought he was going to get to catch a fish and keep it. He did get a stuffed dolphin that is pretty cute for a carnival toy.

On to the airplanes. He liked this fine, but he was so tired by this point, we thought he was going to fall asleep in there.

Ahhhh...race cars! This was Lee's favorite ride of the night. Notice how he chose the red car, like McQueen! This went in circles, but as it rounded each end, it slung the car around. Lee laughed hysterically every time, even after riding it for the 20th time! His friend, Jackson, rode a few times at the end with him. That made it even funnier. Jackson's daddy was having a hard time getting him off too.

He's all smiles!
I told Matt that we need one of these at our house.

This is a strawberry ride, comparable to the tilt-a-whirl. We rode with a little boy who was around 8. He was spinning us so fast, and Lee was laughing so hard. The more Lee laughed, the harder the boy spun us. I didn't think either of us would be able to walk straight when it was over.
We started off the night on the carousel. Lee liked it fine, until he rode the bigger rides. Then he was hooked.

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  1. Stacy, you have to be the best Mommy ever! Thank you so much for posting all of these great pictures and stories!!! It is so great to see your family on here- I just love you all!!! I hope I can see Lee dance soon! I would love to see him dancing in the aisles! ;o)