Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter morning

Last night, after Lee had been in bed for a long time, I heard him moving around and peeked my head in to check on him. He smiled really big at me and asked if the Easter Bunny had been here yet. I told him no and that he wouldn't come if he was still awake. This morning, we didn't have to wake him up for church. He was up bright and early and ready to check out the basket.
He finally got the Pinocchio movie! He was SO excited!

The Easter Bunny must have known he liked Cars.

An old favorite....The Cat in the Hat.

The first sentence Lee learned to write was "I Love You." Naturally, I loved these books that say "I Love You, Mommy" and "I Love You, Daddy."

Here are my handsome guys after church. Lee made his crown in Sunday School, and it says, "Jesus is ALIVE."

Lee wore a sweater vest to church, but he got hot during the service and took it off. It wasn't worth the hassle to put it back on afterwards. I think he looks cute without it too!

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