Monday, January 31, 2011

Farewell January

It was warm enough to wear this sweet outfit to church on Sunday.
It has penguins smocked on it.
It was one of my very favorite outfits that Lee wore.
I was thrilled that it fit Wade at the appropriate time too.
I absolutely love knee socks on a little boy.
Lee calls them "thigh high socks," thanks to his daddy. Matt does not think bubbles, peter pan collars, smocking or knee socks are adorable.
What does he know! One day, Wade will have a say in what he wears, and he will want to only wear overalls, character tees, and crocs. So I'm soaking up every second of these precious outfits.
Lee made this cup at pottery tonight. It was his biggest project yet. He even made the "H" out of clay and assembled it too.
Next, he made a plate.
He got to decorate the plate with stamps, but he wouldn't let me see it.
It is going to be a surprise. I can't wait!
He loves Mrs. Janice. She is SO patient with these kids.
Last week, he made a mug, a coaster, a necklace and a pot out of coils. When they're done, they get to make what they want to out of their scraps. Lee made a gun last week and a dinosaur tonight.
Here he is with some of his goods!

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