Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Wade and I had lunch with Mom today at the Olive Pit. Wade would not quit reaching for the bread. He even threw his beloved Mum Mums in the floor in an effort to get to the bread. Finally, I pinched a tiny piece of the soft part off and put in his mouth. He was in heaven! I spent the rest of our meal pinching off pieces small enough for him.

At supper tonight, he acted the same way over the green beans. I put one on his tray, and before I could get myself a helping, he was grunting for more. He ate them until I finally cut him off for fear of him getting sick. I hope he won't turn his nose up at baby food after discovering table food since I just got a case delivered today!

Lee was naming the planets for me today and at the end said, "Venus, Earth, Horatio." I'm not sure I'm spelling it right. I don't know if it was funnier to me that he thought Horatio was a planet or his confidence in his answer. The one he was missing was Uranus, which sounds nothing like Horatio.

My mom is visiting this week and brought an air mattress to sleep on in Lee's room. Lee thought it was wonderful and insisted on sleeping on it tonight. I was putting him to bed when he nearly rolled off. I grabbed him just in the nick of time and said, "Whew, Lee! I just saved your life!" He said, "Mom if you saved my life, I'd be on a gurney." Where does he get this stuff?

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