Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Lee...

I could do a post every day about things Lee does that are funny or sweet, but I've been saving some of my favorite things for one GIANT post about my favorite 5 year old.
He insists most nights that Wade join him for story time. Of course Wade mainly just wants to eat the book, but he is a good sport. He also likes when he can wear pajamas that are similar to Wade's. Usually, I'll wait for Lee to choose his PJ's, and then I'll find some of Wade's that resemble his. I haven't made much of an effort yet, but after Wade outgrows this batch of pajamas, I think I'll look for some matching pajamas for them. Lee would love that.
Lee is very much into creating things and art. He loves using stencils and coloring pencils a lot right now. He asks for tape, and then tapes his latest creation up somewhere in his room. I have just bought him a cork board to house his masterpieces. I'm working on covering it for him now. After reading Randy Pausch's book, _The Last Lecture_, I have changed my perspective on how he decorates his room. If you haven't read this book, I would love to lend it to you. It is a must read! Before Christmas break, Lee wrote his principal, Mr. Owens, a letter during free play at school. After showing it to his teacher, she allowed him to take it to Mr. Owens. Mr. Owens thanked him by giving him a pencil, which Lee promptly brought home and taped to his headboard. (All I can figure is this is a place of great importance to Lee.) It is still there weeks later....again, refer to Randy Pausch!
Like his mother, Lee is slightly addicted to the label maker. One day, he asked to borrow my printer. After much arguing over the fact that our computer printer is not a toy, he convinced me he was referring to my label maker. I lent it to him and found the following label later in his room.

On the way to school one day last week, it was especially sunny, and he said, "Mom, could you please liberate me from this sun?"

He didn't want to go to school one day, and I told him he had to unless he was sick. About 10 minutes later, he came to me and said he was "pretty sure he had a stomach ache."

One of his new favorite foods is spaghetti. After eating it at supper one night, he declared that it was "beyond amazing."

While at the mall one day, I told him we needed to go to The Children's Place. He looked excited and asked if they had toys. I said no and that it was a clothing store. He crossed his arms and said, "Well, then it should be called The Grown-Ups Place, because grown ups like clothes. Children like toys." It really makes sense, doesn't it.

Although I love all the things he is learning in Kindergarten, sometimes I really miss the way he mispronounced words. Anyone remember "withabout?" Two words that he mispronounces now are "capeteria" and "plate mat." I think both are pretty cute.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I say "Oh Lee" each day. It has so many different meanings based on the way I say it. Here are some examples from today;

Excited- "Oh Lee! You got all smileys on your work today!"
Frustrated- "Oh Lee, you got sauce all over your shirt."
Tickled- "Oh Lee, you are so funny!"
Sad- "Oh Lee, I'm sorry you hit your head."

You get the point. It happens all day long, and I find myself laughing at how many times I say it. He has been especially funny lately. Some of my very favorite times with Lee are when I'm putting him to bed. He insists on me telling him a story, which he pronounces "stow-ree." He will usually choose a person about whom he wants to hear a story. After I tell him my story, I ask him to tell me something, maybe about his day. Tonight, out of the blue, he said that he wants a new bed. Puzzled, I asked what kind of bed. He said, "Ya know, the most highly recommended bed in America. That one." I got so tickled that I actually got choked. You would think his love of infomercials indicates that he watches a lot of TV. That couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, he has been out of school 3 days this week, and including today, he hasn't watched one single TV show. Some days, he will watch a cartoon here or there, but overall, he is not a big TV watcher. However, if he ever sees an infomercial he likes, it sticks with him. I was actually a tad bit embarrassed while wrapping Christmas gifts of all the items purchased on the "As Seen on TV" aisle. It's just part of why I love him and what makes him the funniest kid I know. For those of you not familiar with the "most highly recommended bed in America," I'm pretty sure it's a Tempurpedic, and I'm pretty sure he's not getting one!

Last night, I was flipping through a catalog while he was sitting next to me. All of a sudden he jumped up and yelled, "STOP! Was that Hoda or Kathie Lee?" I laughed and said, "What do you know about Hoda and Kathie Lee?" Without missing a beat, he said, "Well, I know that Hoda survived war zones, bad hair, cancer and Kathie Lee." See what I mean? This kid is a one man comedy show! That happens to be the title of Hoda's autobiography that I just finished reading. He saw the title, and for some reason, it stuck with him. I don't know what was funnier, the fact that he knew that or the way he said it like they were old pals.

One final funny from the day was when I was putting him to bed, I asked him if he had had a fun week, and he said, "Well, I had fun in the snow but it wasn't as fun as January 30th, 2010. Now that was a fun snow day!"

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