Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas with the Coffields

The Coffields came over to celebrate Christmas with us tonight.
Judging from the looks
on these kids' faces,
I'd say they were pleased with their gifts!
Wade was smitten with Katie and was showing her his race track/wrapping paper.

She was sweet and acted interested.
Sweet friends
I love how Alex is petting Wade. Wade enjoyed getting attention from someone new. He was still running a fever from his ear infection, so Matt stayed home with him while Jill and I took the kids to see _Gulliver's Travels._ We had so much fun and laughed the rest of the night at the funny things the kids said and did.
This little guy was sad to miss out on the fun, but apparently he and Daddy made their own fun at home.

What a relief to see these sweet smiles again after a long week of high fever, ear aches, not sleeping, and generally feeling yucky. I think he is on the mend now.

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