Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days=Fun Days

With the anticipated snow headed our way, we made plans for the Coffields to spend the day with us. We had no idea our 1 fun day would instead be 3. What a great surprise!

The kids came early, so Lee and Wade were still asleep. I don't know who was most excited to see the other. The Coffields thought Wade was great, and Wade thought they were here solely for his entertainment.
Here he is showing Katie the piano that Santa brought him. She is already counting the years until she can babysit him.
When Lee woke up, they quickly moved on to a Wii marathon. It looks like Alex might be losing here.
The real fun didn't begin until everyone was fed and bundled up. You should have seen the pile of clothes the 5 of us had to wear. I organized everyone's clothes into their own piles, but they were so bundled that they needed help with the outer layers. I didn't think we would ever actually get outside. Even though it has snowed several times already this winter, this was the first time Wade has seen it or been out in it.
I don't think he really knew what to think about it. Between watching the big kids and Buzz invading his personal space, he was pretty distracted the whole time. I didn't get many good pictures of him.
Lee was the model big brother and helped hold him so he wouldn't get too cold sitting on the ground.
Now this is a snow angel!
Snow ball FIGHT!
The boys couldn't wait to take off down the hill.
Since Katie is only a few weeks out of wearing a cast on her arm, we decided it would be best if she didn't sled. So she graciously gave the boys a push....
and then watched them sled.

Wade was exhausted from all the extra activity, so it didn't take him
long to crash when we came in.
While Wade was napping, the big kids warmed up with some hot chocolate.
I stocked up on gingerbread houses from the Christmas clearance at Walmart last weekend, so the kids would have some indoor activities to do while here. They came in handy late in the afternoon.

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