Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pottery Class

In Paris we have a place called Lee Academy for the Arts. A talented group of locals offers classes in their chosen fields several times a year, and for a fee, you can participate in their class or take a lesson from them. Usually, there aren't many options for someone as young as Lee, so we have not utilized this program yet. However, the new classes were announced a couple of weeks ago, and we noticed that our sweet friend and neighbor, Mrs. Janice, would be teaching a pottery class. Since Lee participated in a children's pottery class when he was younger and loved it, he thought this sounded like fun. After calling Mrs. Janice to register for the class, she informed me that Lee was a bit too young for the class, but she invited us to give it a try to see if he was interested in being with older kids. The first thing she did was give them a bag of clay and told them to be creative with it. Of course he was interested! He had the time of his life! She thought he could handle the rest of the course, which is only one day a week for six weeks. We signed up that night and are having a blast.
He watches every move Mrs. Janice makes and tries to copy her.
In his first class, he made this pinch pot and fish.
The other parents leave their kids, since the class is an hour and a half long, so Lee instructed me to leave when we got there for the second class. Matt picked him up on the way home from work, so I'm not sure what he made. He wanted it to be a surprise for next week. Stay tuned!

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