Friday, January 28, 2011

Five on Friday

1. This is Buzz's best friend, Cutter, who lives next door. Actually, he only sleeps there at night and spends the rest of his time at our house. He's a very good dog and is good company to Buzz, so we don't mind him living here. However, lately he has become a thief! Some of the items he has taken from our yard in the past are a soccer ball, shovel, car washing sponges, and the umbrella to Lee's picnic table. All items were returned by his embarrassed parents. A couple weeks ago, when it was brutally cold, I noticed Buzz's dog bed was missing from our garage. After walking all over the yard and not finding it, we wondered if Cutter took it to his house. The next day, Matt went over and not only had he taken it, but he had put it on top of his dog bed on their porch and was laying on it. It was hilarious. The funniest part is that he is not a huge dog, but the dog bed is enormous. We don't know how in the world he carried it all that way. On our way home one night this week, I noticed Lee's sled on their front porch. So after coming home to confirm that our sled was indeed missing, we went back and retrieved it from Cutter, who looked a little embarrassed at getting caught. This little dog is tough! He has a long way to run and a giant hill to climb to get to his house, but he manages to do it while carrying our things! We have now learned we can't leave ANYTHING outside where Cutter will be tempted to take them. I took this picture of him when he came over to play with us in the snow.

2. We were pretty disappointed to hear the news that Jeff Fisher is leaving the Titans franchise. Matt, ever the optimist, was reassuring and said that he is more of a Titans fan than a Fisher fan. Good point. We've loved the Titans through Pacman, Haynesworth, VY and now this. Better days are surely ahead for our team!

If you need to find Matt tomorrow, you'd better come on over. He has big plans to be outside all day long since the forecast promises 50 degree temps!

3. Thanks to some suggestions/advice from a friend, I'm learning more about my camera and editing program. I've had a lot of fun playing with my pictures lately and can't wait to learn more.

4. Lee requested a shampoo mohawk last night in the bath tub.

Wade now has enough hair that he gets one too!
5. We finally found a food that Wade doesn't like. I bought a few kinds of "Stage 3" foods for him to try. I'm not sure if it's the taste or the texture that he doesn't like.
Either way, it made him stick out his tongue and try to scrape the food off of it.

And it made his face look like this!

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