Friday, January 14, 2011

5 on Friday

1. Matt led his first "First Degree" last night at the Masonic Lodge in Cottage Grove where he is the Master. He said he had a good crowd, and everything went smoothly. I'm proud of all the work he is doing to keep the lodge active in Cottage Grove.

2. Before his Christmas Choir concert was cancelled for the third time due to the weather, I asked Lee if he was going to feel weird singing Christmas music in January. He replied, "Why would I feel weird? You still have Christmas decorations out at home." For the record, I do NOT have decorations out in our home. I simply have chosen not to take down our Christmas cards yet. They make me smile, and I want to enjoy them a little bit longer.
And one of my favorite Christmas gifts to receive each year is the dated accent plate that goes with my Christmas china. I wanted to display it for a short time, so my plates are still on the racks. I realize it's January 14th, so they'll come down this weekend.

3. Lee has enjoyed tormenting his parents for the past 2 months with snake books he checked out from the library at school. Since there is no way I'll read them to him, Matt has been the unfortunate one to get to read them or at least listen as he reads them. Finally, Matt had enough this week and asked Lee to please choose something different. So he brought home a dinosaur book yesterday. Much better!!

4. At Buzz's checkup last week, he had an ear infection, which was his first major illness. He was prescribed ear drops and seems to be feeling better this week. He was at least feeling well enough to play in the snow with his pal, Cutter. The holidays were not kind to Buzz, as he gained from 123 pounds last year to 140 pounds this year! YIKES! Time for spring so this doggie can get some exercise!

5. Wade has been repeating words like crazy for weeks now, but I've joked that they are one hit wonders. This week, his new word has stuck, and if possible, it gets cuter each time he says it. Here's proof....

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