Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We started a new tradition this year by having Joe and his family and Dad over for breakfast to celebrate Christmas. None of us had anywhere to go on Christmas Eve, and it was a nice change to be able to start our day together and not be in a rush to get to the next place.
The Hayes Family 2010

Paw and his girls

Someone finally indulged Lee and his request for a Pillow Pet. Ahem, thanks Aunt Shay!

Gracie wanted all things American Girl this year.

Honey added to his musical collection.

Lee added to his puzzle collection. This is a Collector's Edition Star Wars puzzle with 500 pieces! Of course he couldn't wait to get started on it after everyone left.

The best reaction of the day went to Brylie when she opened the Jessie doll from us. She was so sweet and was almost too excited to even open the box.

Wade was more interested in watching the older kids and chewing on the occasional bow tossed his way.
Later in the day, we visited with Grandmom, who got some good cuddle time with Wade. On the way home, we took the boys out to look at Christmas lights. There is a house in town that has their lights set to music, and Lee loved that display best. As we entered a short road close to our house with the biggest and best light display yet, Matt asked Lee what he thought about it.

Lee? What do you think about this one? Lee?
We have no idea how long the boys were asleep, but they missed the house that we thought was the best and had saved for our last stop.

Lee woke up when we got home and was eager to get started on his cookies to leave for Santa. (Someone please notice that he's wearing clothes while he cooks this time!)
Finally, the boys were dressed in their Christmas pajamas and ready for bed. But not before Daddy read the story of Jesus's birth to them.

After tucking Wade in for the night, Lee carefully placed Santa's cookies and milk on the hearth.
Aside from handling the oven, he did everything himself and was so proud.
He said one final goodbye to Molly, our Elf on the Shelf. He was surprisingly emotional about this.
He so enjoyed waking up each day to look for her.
I must admit that I enjoyed her antics too.
But mainly, I loved my sweet boy's giggles each morning when he found her. These are a few of our favorite hiding places she chose this year. She first landed in our china cabinet and stayed there for 3 days before Lee discovered her. His reaction was one I don't think I'll ever forget. He was across the table and facing the china cabinet, engrossed in telling us a story, when he spied her. In the middle of his sentence, he yelled, "ELF!" Then he started giggling uncontrollably. I think his reaction embarrassed him, because he could not quit laughing. Finally, we asked him about "it," and he said that it was a girl because her hair was tucked behind her ears. From there, he settled on the name "Molly" for her. What fun she brought to our home this Christmas season! We sure hope Molly visits our home again next year. Time for the big guy to come now!

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