Sunday, November 22, 2009

So Long Soccer Season!

Saturday was our 10th and final soccer game of the season. I was looking forward to the end, until it was actually time. Lee has had so much fun, that I'm really not ready for it to end yet. Of course, it will be nice to have our Saturday mornings back and be able to go and do what we want. As of right now, Lee says he can't wait to play again next year. He has really learned and improved so much over the past few weeks that I think he could be really great next year.

Look who was first on the field and ready to play!
During the quarter change, Lee put on a show for us.
He was really getting down!
The game ended in a tie, and Lee scored 1 of the 4 goals for our team.
Here is his team saying goodbye.
He was beyond thrilled to get a trophy.
He raced off to show it do his Daddy and Pa.

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