Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Kindergarten for Lee

Today when I picked Lee up from preschool, he didn't start telling me details from his day, like he normally does. He was a little quieter than normal. When I quizzed him on his day, he got so animated and said, "Did you know that when you go to Kindergarten you have to take a nap?" It was almost as if he was accusing me of withholding information from him. I said that I did know that. He said that someone (He couldn't remember who it was that told him.) told him that today, and now he doesn't think he should go to Kindergarten. When I tried to point out the fun things he would do in Kindergarten, he completely tuned me out and kept saying, "But you still have to take a nap...every day! I'm just not going." I finally got him to change the subject. It was a really funny conversation.

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