Thursday, November 12, 2009

Precious Memories

Lee told me he was going to listen to music today in his room while I vacuumed. When I was done, I went to check on him and found the sweetest scene. He was sitting in his rocking chair, holding my first baby doll that he had wrapped in his Thomas blanket, and he was rocking it and singing to it. I stood there for a few seconds before he saw me. When he did, he smiled so sweetly and said he was practicing rocking Eloise. Before the tears could make their way from my eyes, he said, "I'll only rock her as long as she doesn't poop." Moment over.

Tonight as I was putting him to bed, he was complaining of being too hot. I told him to pull the covers back and see if that helped. He said, "That didn't help. I fink I need to pull my pant sleeves up too."

He told his teachers at church last night that he was naming the baby Eloise McGraw Hayes, whether it is a boy or girl. They got a kick out of telling me that when I picked him up. Today, we were talking about it, and I told him we needed a boy name and a girl name. He immediately said that our boy name is Eloise McGraw, and our girl name is Trixie. After I stopped laughing, I looked up to see his most serious face, and he said, "You don't like Eloise anymore?" I think it was the closest I have ever come to wetting my pants. Oh how this silly boy makes me laugh!

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