Friday, November 27, 2009

A Productive Day

Since we were blessed with a beautiful day and a day off from work for Matt, we decided it was time to clean up the yard. We had been overtaken by the leaves in our gutters and in our flower beds. Matt was blowing the leaves out of the gutters, while Lee and I cleaned out the flower beds.

Lee was glad to haul off the piles we accumulated.
I don't know what we'll do when he outgrows the gator! He loves that thing!
This is a terrible quality picture, but I wanted to show the mound of leaves that came from our deck and off our house. Lee was having the best time jumping in them and making "leaf angels." We came in when it was dark, and we were all filthy. Matt claimed the first shower, and I told Lee he would be next. He looked at me with all seriousness and said, "I don't fink I need a bath." He had a layer of dirt in his hair, even with a toboggan! I guess he didn't believe me, because I heard him pleading his case with his daddy too. He loves taking a bath, so I guess he truly didn't think he needed one. I think we'll all sleep really well tonight!

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