Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Break Fun

While Lee was out of school on Fall Break, we planned to visit my parents in Collierville and take a trip to the zoo. I had also hoped to get some more Christmas shopping done. The weather had other plans for us. It rained non-stop the entire time we were gone! We improvised and visited the Children's Museum instead of the zoo. We visited last year, and Lee loved it. He had even more fun this year.
Here he is piloting a FedEx jet. This was his favorite activity last year too.
We started our day here and had to come back again before we left.

This is how you exit the plane! No wonder Lee loved it so much.
Then he did a little fishing.
Kroger sponsored a mini-grocery store where kids can shop and check out their items.
Lee loved it, so we spent a lot of time here.
It was precious and made me wish we had something like this at our house.
Next was a game of Twister with Mawmaw. I'll let you guess who won.
Last year, Lee was scared to climb the skyscraper, and this year, we had to drag him off of it. He was very good at climbing it.
He got to drive a police car, and he made us get in the back. After taking a break from the police car, and later coming back, he announced that someone peed in the seat. Sure enough, a little girl had left a puddle in the driver's seat. At least it wasn't a "cupcake." Needless to say, we were done with the police car!
He loved the fire truck even more. It had working lights and a siren.
There was an area where you could practice filming a tv show or news program. This is a picture of Lee filming.
And this is him on "American Idol." He also was a weatherman, was in a hurricane (complete with lots of wind), and was a surfer.
Then he was a bank teller. He designed dollars and sent notes to us through the drive thru canister. Lots of fun!
Back to being a pilot.
Do you see Lee?
Time to say goodbye. We loved visiting the museum again and will plan on making it an annual trip. We're hoping to still visit the zoo this year. They are currently decorating for Christmas, so that will be fun to see.

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