Saturday, November 7, 2009


Lee had such a fun Halloween "season" this year. I say season, because it seemed like we celebrated Halloween for a month! I was thrilled that he got to wear his precious costume for so many occasions.
We started our Halloween festivities at our church's trunk or treat.
Lee enjoyed trick or treating from all the trunks lined up at the park. Everyone had a theme, and they were precious. I wish I had taken more pictures of the decorations. Believe it or not, I didn't get many pictures at all at this party. I guess I got too busy visiting with everybody. There were jumpers, slides, food, and a live band. It is one of my favorite activities that our church does. It brings out people from every age group from our church.

He capped off the party by hanging out with his buddy, Marly Kate. They go to school together, too.
Then we headed out to Nam's for her Halloween party with the cousins. She had lots of fun games for the kids to do. They started with a pumpkin hunt.
It was a huge hit with all the kids.
Paul was excited to find a prize pumpkin.
The boys even let Hope in on the action.
She had more fun emptying her bad and filling it up again.
Where are my pumpkins??
Shelby and Carly are counting their pumpkins.
I'm not sure what Hayes is, but he was cute!
Paul and Lee finally decided on these precious police officer costumes. They originally wanted to be Transformers, so we were thrilled when they saw these and loved them.
Here is our attempt at a group picture.
On Halloween night, we didn't have plans, so we decided to take Lee trick or treating for the first time. Lee had no idea how much fun it was going to be.
I think I was more excited than him. I always loved trick or treating when I was little.
Our jack-o-lanterns looked good here. Shortly after Halloween, Lee said they were melting.
Officer Lee
The Coffields invited us to trick or treat with them. Our first stop was at Nam's. Alex was a mad magician, and Katie was a bat/vampire.
We parked at the school and walked through the neighborhood around it, so the kids wouldn't be in and out of the car all night. The first house was pretty scary. Lee and Katie were holding hands and tiptoeing up the sidewalk. People kept jumping out at them, and I'm surprised they made it. They were brave, but once they collected their candy, they wanted out of there!
They were so excited after every house.

Lee couldn't believe how much candy he had. He is showing Jill how full his bag is here. It finally got too heavy for him to carry.
By the end of the night, Lee had to be carried too. He was a good sport and had so much fun. We had so much candy that we divided it out and are putting the hard candy in our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was our most fun Halloween yet!

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