Saturday, March 28, 2009


Friday started off yucky and rainy, so Subo and I tried to find something fun to do indoors with these 4 kiddos. I called the bowling alley and found out that they were open and were offering $1.50 bowling for the afternoon. We had a plan! My camera never takes good pictures there, so this was the only one I got. Katie bowled a 118, which is far better than I normally bowl. Alex bowled a 78, which is also very good. We had to call their mom when we left to report their scores. She was impressed too!

I went to put gas in my car after we bowled. I started the gas and thought of a funny story to tell the kids. I was going to step over the hose and open the back door to talk to them. Somehow, my shoe got entangled in the hose, and I fell flat on my face. It happened to be at the busiest time of day and at the busiest intersection in Paris. So I had quite an audience. As I was trying to get untangled and get up, all I could hear was hysterical laughing coming from inside my car. Of course when I opened the door, Katie said she was not laughing at me. Lee could hardly breathe, because he was laughing so hard. He kept telling K & A that his mommy fell down, like it was for their entertainment. Matt happened to be driving by at the same time, so he pulled in to say hi. He claims he didn't see the fall, but he certainly laughed when I told him about it. I fell on my knee, which I'm sure will be a nice shade of purple tomorrow, and I jammed my pinkie. I would be offended at all the laughing, but those of you who know me, know that I laugh uncontrollably when I see someone fall down. I can't help it. I guess what goes around comes around, huh?

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