Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Friends

Lee had been begging for Paul to come and spend the day with us for over a week, and Friday was the perfect day. We played outside all afternoon and had a blast!

This was my favorite picture from the day.

They were digging for dinosaur bones and got w-a-y dirtier than I planned.

This was taken at the end of the day to remind me in the future how dirty two 3 year olds can get.
For some reason, they thought RUNNING to the bottom of the hill would be fun, and they were right! They giggled uncontrollably all the way down!

They posed for me for just a minute while picking buttercups. I had to be fast!

Paul's bouquet was for his mommy, and Lee wanted to take his to Mrs. Cindy at Daddy's office. Mommy/Aunt Stacy had to pick her own!

They were all giggles while swinging.

Lee kept tell Paul to hit the ball so he could "catch." I was impressed that he wasn't scared of the ball at all. He got hit a couple of times and kept coming right back for more.

They loved hitting the baseball off the tee.

They loved hitting the baseball off the tee.

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