Monday, March 16, 2009

Buttercup Festival?

After the play, we went to have supper with the Coles. Dad has a field next to his house that is full of wild buttercups. They weren't quite ready to be picked yet, but Lee and I took advantage of the opportunity and picked many that were almost ready. Dad does not have a green thumb, nor does he care one bit about the volume of buttercups at his house. So he thinks it is hysterical that he has the prettiest buttercups in 3 counties, while the rest of us work to get a decent bouquet! When his buttercups are on the verge of blooming, he'll call to invite us to his "buttercup festival." Isn't he clever? Regardless of his sarcasm, we love them and had a wonderful time picking and sniffing them. Gracie and Brylie joined us at the "festival," but my camera batteries died just as they were getting there. They live next door, so they will get to really enjoy the "festival" in a few days when the whole field is in full bloom.

On a side note, you can see in the background of these pictures the broken and mangled trees from the January ice storm.

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