Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great day...

Lee was scheduled to have his picture made this morning with live bunnies in Union City. He was open to the idea until we were almost there. Then he told me he didn't want to hold the bunnies or have his picture made. I told him that we were almost there and he had no choice. He wasn't crying, but he was certain that he did not want to have his picture made. I did the only thing a good mother could do. I bribed him. He has been lugging around $10 in his wallet for a couple of months, so I told him he could use his money at Wal-Mart to buy anything he wanted. He was thrilled. We were the only clients at the studio, so he had a few minutes to warm up. Once Mrs. Katrina was ready, he was a pro. He smiled and posed and even held the bunnies!Even with 2 clothing changes and about 50 pictures taken, we were there about 15 minutes. That's how great he acted. I was SO thrilled and can't wait to see the proofs! The Wal-Mart in Martin is new and wonderful, so we stopped there on our way home. I was thrilled again when Lee didn't choose "junk" with his money. He had a hard time deciding between a Clifford Easter book and a Cars "Mack" truck. He settled on the truck and has played with it all day. Mrs. Katrina was asking Lee about his upcoming birthday and was teasing him about having a princess party. He was handling it and smiling at her for awhile. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said, "Mudder, tell her I'm having a Cars birthday." I don't know why he has started calling me "Mudder" but I love it.

I went to the Taste of Home Cooking Show tonight in Paris. It was loads of fun with some great friends. I didn't win any of the gazillion door prizes, but I did buy some homemade yeast bread that my friend, Ginny, made. Lee and I will be indulging in that for breakfast! I am already looking forward to next year.....and that fruit tart that I'm going to make soon.

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