Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Day

The Coffields spent another fun day with us today. We spent the morning at home and decided to take advantage of the perfect weather by heading to the park after lunch.
Lee has been able to climb this for a long time now, but he has gotten really fast. I'm afraid this will lead to being careless, so I hovered every time he climbed it today. The climbing doesn't scare me as bad as the step that he has to take at the top to get to the platform. My stomach does a flip every time he does it.
Of course, it doesn't scare Lee one bit. Look at that smile!
We only had an hour at the park before it was time for Lee to get his hair cut. He had an appointment for next Thursday, but someone must have replaced his shampoo with Miracle-Grow! He was beginning to look like a Beatle with his long bangs. We also made plans to have his picture made next week, so that prompted me to get his hair cut sooner too. The kids were great at Mrs. Cindy's, so we went to Dairy Delight for a treat.

The only person who loves ice cream more than me is this kid!


Then a vote was taken on our next destination, and the park was the overwhelming choice! We were disappointed in the huge crowd that had gathered at the park since we left. The kids were being pushed and shoved too much, so we didn't stay long.
Lee has always loved to swing, but he has just recently become a pro. Once you get him started, he can get really high.

He was trying so hard to go as high as Alex. He had NO fear.

Of course, these 2 are daredevils anyway. I don't think anything scares them, which scares me!

This was the last picture taken before the haircut. The static just accentuates the need for a trim!
After the kids left, Lee was riding his bike while I walked. I heard him call for me, and as I turned back to look, he was running out in the back yard. He just came to a stop and sat there. I got to him and asked what was wrong. He said, "I wanted to stop my bike before I went in the yard, but I just got distracted."
Matt and I were having leftovers for supper, and I asked Lee what he wanted to eat. He said, "I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into 3 rectangles." I have to blame Aunt Subo for his weird shape requests. He was just fine with a plain old sandwich until one day when he had lunch with her, and she made his sandwich in the shape of a dinosaur. We got a dinosaur sandwich cutter for our house, and he loved it. Not long ago, she made him a sandwich in the shape of a heart, so that is what he started requesting at home. I'm not sure where the 3 rectangles came from, but he seemed satisfied with my creation tonight.

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