Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun in Collierville

Lee's cousin, Wesley, is visiting my parents on his spring break. He lives in Texas, and we only get to see him a couple times a year. Lee thinks he is so fun! They played baseball for a long time, and then Wesley raked a huge pile of leaves for Lee to jump in. Mom decided to pull some weeds while they played, and then Lee wanted to "help."

I'm not sure this was her idea of helping.

He was having a blast though!

Then, something terrible happened. Mom found a huge worm and handed it to Lee. He was completely fascinated by it. I don't mind him holding worms, but it worries me about what he will find and want to hold in the future!

He was working so hard to rake his own pile of leaves.

Wesley was a good sport when Lee wrecked the leaves before he was finished.

Lee said he was making a leaf angel. He obviously didn't get to play in the snow this winter as much as he wanted. I told him there is always next year! We do not want winter back now!

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