Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Sleepover

Spring Break really means nothing to Lee, except that his older cousins are out of school and ready to play! Nicholas wanted to have a sleepover at his Grandma's (AKA Lee's Great-Aunt Clara). Lee was more than willing to participate. Nicholas is 6, and Lee thinks he is wonderful. The weather could not have been better for 2 boys, with energy to burn.

They wanted to hunt Easter eggs, but since we didn't have eggs, we hid balls for them. They had the best time finding them. I think one is still missing.

Sam wanted in on the action too, but the boys just taunted him the entire time. The boys would complain about him bothering them, but as soon as he would leave, they would go pick at him until he was rowdy again. Here's proof!

Next was a soccer match. I was impressed with Lee's kick in this picture. Matt has visions of him being a linebacker one day, but I tell him that he can only be a kicker if he wants to play football. That way, the other players get penalized if they try to rough him up.

Time for a break!

Resting in a new location....

I thought this would be a neat picture, but neither boy wanted to "pose" for me the way I wanted them to. Lee told me he was "ready to get back to the fun." Gee thanks!

Nicholas was at least a better sport....for a minute!

Then he told me to take his picture on his stage while he played his guitar. He's a hoot!

Here are Nicholas and his Gramma. Nicholas gave Lee a detailed explanation on the word "Grandma." He said that it was "one of those tricky words, because it looks like you should pronounce the "d" but actually it is silent. That's why I call her Gramma." Lee was listening to every word, and after that lesson, he started saying Gramma. It is hilarious.

Nicholas found a double lucky rock and was so proud of it. Later, he said he lost it. We told him that he put it in his pocket, and he said, "NO! I put it on my belt loop!" We laughed and laughed but tried to find it. He had been running in the yard and driveway, so we knew the chances of finding it were slim. He was about to cry, when Aunt Clara convinced him that it must not have been so lucky after all. While looking for the original lucky rock, Nicholas found another one. He was tickled about it. About an hour later, he was playing in the driveway and found the original lucky rock. He was over the moon!

Lee was SO happy to be outside running and playing. So far, he is a huge fan of spring break!

After hours of running and playing as hard as 2 boys can, Aunt Clara tried to get them to settle down for bed.


Today, Uncle Roy's sitter came at 8, so Aunt Clara treated us to breakfast at McDonald's. The boys had the run of the place and had the best time. After a few errands, it was back home to play, play, play!

This is what happened moments after pulling out of the driveway headed to Paris. Spring Break takes a lot out of a little guy! Thanks to Aunt Clara and Uncle Roy for inviting us. We had the best time and can't wait to come again soon.

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