Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is here!

We have loved the beautiful spring weather the past few days. We have played outside every day, and the only person who might be having more fun than Lee is this guy....

Buzz looked like he was smiling while we were taking these pictures.

He takes every step Lee takes and loves following him. Lee is pretty sweet to him too.

Lee has gotten so good at swinging. He can really pump his feet back and forth now, and you don't have to push him constantly.

I was pushing Lee really high on the glider swing, and he said, "This feels like we're at Dollywood!" I couldn't believe he remembered riding those rides last summer. I would love to take him back there sometime soon. He loved it so much.

Santa brought Lee this awesome bike for Christmas, and he has gotten to ride it a few times during the winter. Somehow, it has gotten a million times more fun now that the weather is warm. He rides up and down our driveway until his little legs can't go anymore. I'm amazed at how much better he is at pedaling now than he was just 2 months ago.

Sometimes Buzz gets in front of him, and Lee has to shoo him out of the way. I think it's just a game Buzz likes to play, but Lee doesn't love it.

I asked Lee to get his shoes on, and these are the ones he chose. He said the blue shoe matched his shirt, and the brown shoe matched his pants. When I started laughing, he asked, "Am I clever?"

Matt got me these awesome walking poles for Valentine's Day that I had been wanting. I finally got to put them to use this week, and I love them!! Lee took this picture.
One of the best things about the warm weather is that Matt fired up the grill! On Saturday, I asked Lee what he wanted Daddy to grill, and he said, "corn on the cob and his world famous meat." He would never specify what the meat was, but we had pork chops and he nearly ate an entire one by himself. I guess that worked!

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