Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend 'O Baby!

We had such a fun weekend that started with a baby shower for Wade.

Here are the hostesses with me. I am SO lucky to have them in my life. They are each unique, and I love them for different reasons. They each have girls that I'm crazy about and love like my own. They spoiled Wade with a painted canvas for his room, a baby album, and the cutest monogrammed baby shoes ever. I had such a good time hanging out with them, and Wade got SO many cute things. It took Lee and me all afternoon on Monday to put everything away.
Here's the precious baby album I got from the hostesses. I have already started filling it out and plan to take it to the hospital with us.
Aunt Subo got him this adorable gown with his name on it. It is already packed for the hospital.
Nam got him this baseball outfit to wear to Lee's t-ball games. She knows how I like to dress my kids in theme-ha! It is precious, and Matt and I plan to take him to some Diamond Jaxx games too, so it will be worn a lot!
Here are the hostesses' girls with me minus Katie. Counter-clockwise from left are Landry, Pearl, Maura and Mary Raye. They helped to make the day so much fun!
On Sunday, it was time to shower baby Caroline, Wade's future bride. Her mom is one of my oldest friends, MeLeah. I had the best time shopping for her. We got her this white, smocked dress, monogrammed shoes, and a book. Caroline will be here about 6 weeks after Wade, and I can't wait!
This is Samuel, Laura Kay's newest addition. He was the happiest little guy and got passed around the entire shower and never minded. He has eye lashes that are every girls' dream!
This is Michele, an even older friend, and her precious, smiley boy, Brandt. I love Michele's taste in clothes for B. He is always dressed like a little model when I see him.

Here we are with our kiddos, and here are the stories of how I came to know these incredible women. Michele and I sat next to each other in FIRST grade, and I had to rescue her after she got her pencil stuck in her hair. (She was a twirler.) We have been friends ever since. She is married to Robert, who also graduated with us, mother to Brandt, teaches 5th grade, and lives in Union City. She is easily in the top 5 funniest people I know. Just seeing her makes me laugh, because I know it won't be long before she is cracking me up. She is also responsible for getting me hooked on going to the Capitol Theatre for plays. She has been in numerous musicals, and I'm anxiously awaiting her next performance! Next is MeLeah, who came into my life in THIRD grade after her dad was transferred to Goodyear in Union City. We became instant friends and have been ever since. She is married to Wes, who we went to HS with us and is from Hornbeak-MAJOR bonus points! They live in Arlington, and MeLeah teaches HS physics. MeLeah and I had sleepovers with each other nearly every weekend when we were little. She has the absolute sweetest parents and brother, and going to her house stands out as some of my very favorite memories as a little girl. Finally, there is Laura Kay, who I met our freshman year of HS. She is an RN, mother to MariKate and Samuel, and is married to Matt, who I have known since Kindergarten. She is a ray of sunshine, and so are her children. So, there you have it. These gals are a huge part of me, and I love them SO much.
I love how Lee wrapped himself around my leg. So sweet!
Here we are with MeLeah and Caroline. I think it's a wonderful bonus that Caroline's last name is Henson, so she won't have to change her monogram when she marries Wade. Now, if I could just convince her Mommy that UTM is their college of choice and not the University of Memphis, we'd be all set! I had so much fun seeing everyone again and showering Caroline. She is going to have to be changed 3 times a day to wear all of the precious clothes she got there.
Marikate was reading to Brandt. You can tell that she is such a good big sister.

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  1. All you ladies looks so precious with your babies!!