Monday, March 8, 2010

First Unofficial Practice

Lee is going to start playing t-ball in a few short weeks.
Sunday was the perfect day to get started with an informal practice session with him.
Hayes & Paul got in on the action too. Paul and Lee are on the same t-ball team.
Lee was the ball boy while Hayes was batting.
Hayes kept him busy!
Lee's facial expressions were hilarious!
He was so excited to get some batting practice. We borrowed Paul's equipment, so now that we know what to get, we're going to have to get Lee a bat, helmet and soft balls. He's ready to get started!
Paul was backing Uncle Matt up on the pitcher's mound.
What was Hope doing while the boys were playing ball? Her daddy was teaching her how to drive the jeep! And she LOVED it!!
Then she and Lee took a little break to color.

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