Sunday, March 28, 2010

Egg Hunt #1 & Small Victories

Lee had his first of 3 egg hunts for the week this afternoon at church. The kids were divided up by age groups and then turned loose to find the eggs.
Lee is waiting in line for the signal to GO!
Then it was time for a craft.
Now for my victory stories...Lee has been shy almost from birth. He is pretty reserved around new people and even has acted shy to the point of embarrassing us around people he knows well. Going to preschool has helped some this year, but it depends on each situation as to how he will react. This morning at church, he spoke to Nam's friend, Mrs. Susan, without hiding behind my legs or under a table! I was so thankful for this small step in the right direction. Then at the egg hunt, Mrs. Ann came and asked him to go with her for a PICTURE, and he gladly abandoned me at the craft table to go with her. Of course, I'm convinced he would follow her to the moon if she asked. He adores her. But the point is, he does not like posing for a picture or leaving Matt and me in a group setting. He did both without batting an eye. Victory #2! Matt and I were visiting with friends when it was time for the snack. Mrs. Rachel came over to Lee and asked if he would like to go with her and choose his snack. He knows her from church but not that well. I couldn't believe my eyes when he grabbed her hand and went skipping off with her. I stood back and watched from a distance to see how long it would take him to look panicked and start looking for us. It never happened. I was able to snap a couple of pictures of him with her without him even noticing me.

He chatted with her and was completely at ease. You can tell by these couple of pictures that he was having a blast. She is a sweetheart and gave him her full attention. Finally, the last victory needs some back story. A couple of years ago, our Children's Director at church, Mrs. Angela, called on Lee during her children's church message to help her with a project. It surprised and embarrassed him, and he came running back to us in our pew. The congregation laughed, which made it even worse. Ever since then, he has been satisfied to listen to Mrs. Angela's message from our pew. We have never forced him to go back down front, but on a few occasions, he has worked up the nerve to go on his own. Mrs. Angela noticed that he quit coming and has worked on getting back in his good graces ever since. She is easily in the top 10 kindest and most patient people on the planet, and she has always made a point of speaking to Lee when she sees him. He quickly hides behind us when he sees her coming. Luckily, she also has a great sense of humor. Anyway, as we were leaving the egg hunt today, she came over and spoke to him, and he talked back to her! We didn't make a big deal out of it, but it was indeed a big deal to us!
What a great day we had beginning to celebrate the most wonderful week in history. Lee is full of questions, and we are having a great time sharing the most beautiful story of love ever told with him. There is a whole post on this coming soon. We are just so thankful for "His gift that is too wonderful for words."

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