Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wade at 35 Weeks

Wade weighs about 6 1/2 pounds and is around 20 inches long this week. We had a hard time coming up with 1 object again this week, so we used a 2 pound bag of dog treats and the giant coffee can to get the correct weight. Lee called the treats "doggie bacon." It was pretty funny. They are Buzz's very favorite treat, if you ever need to get on his good side. When we were looking for some things for Lee to hold, he suggested "7 cell phones and a coffee cup." Such a goofy boy! Oh, back to baby Wade......This week, his brain is working over time to make brain cells. He is very responsive to stimuli and is still very active. This morning at the doctor, when the nurse put the fetal monitor on, he moved to the opposite side. Every time she moved it, he would move to the other side away from her. We laughed so hard and wondered if it felt cold to him. Speaking of going to the doctor, many of you know that Dr. Kimberlin has been traveling for the past 2 weeks in Japan. I have been so worried about him since the earthquake and tsunamis happened. The ladies in his office today said that they contacted his travel agent over the weekend, and he is not in the same region as the damage or ensuing danger. When I first heard about the devastation and told Matt that I was concerned, he said, "Not only will he come back unscathed, but he will have won a Pulitzer Prize for his pictures of the tsunami." Now that I know he is okay, that's funny. Everything still looks perfect with Wade (& me), and we're still on target to greet him in 4 weeks.

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  1. Dr. K was on another continent when I was about 35 weeks pregnant too! I had been on bedrest and was already 2+ dialated and 80% effaced, but Adelyn held off (he couldn't believe it)! I told him we had gone through too much together for someone else to deliver her! HA!