Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Weekend

Our forsythia bush is in full bloom. When it first turns yellow, it is so vibrant that it almost hurts your eyes. I really wanted Lee's picture in front of it Sunday before church, but it was raining. So we had to settle for a picture through the door. I might can persuade him to take more this week if the weather cooperates.
On Saturday, we celebrated Hayes's 9th birthday! Does everyone remember that precious month-old baby at our wedding? Well, he has grown up right before our eyes!
It was a gorgeous day, so we headed outside after the party for some fun in the sun. Paul, Lee and Hayes took turns batting. They are all playing baseball this spring, so we'll be spending LOTS of time at McNeill Park.
While the boys were batting, Hope went off to do her own thing. When we found her moments later, she was sitting patiently in her car waiting for someone to come along and push her. Luckily, she had lots of willing participants.
So, the grown-ups strolled with Hope in the car, while the 4 older kids rode their bikes down the driveway.
The Tusas left on Sunday for vacation, and it was quite an ordeal to separate Lee, Paul and Hope. Lee kept hounding Hope for "one more" hug. Then he and Paul melted into a pool of tears when it was time to go. They were holding hands and begging us not to take them. Paul was crying wanting to take Lee with them, and Lee was crying and wanting Paul to stay. It was quite the funny scene. On Monday at school, their teacher told the kids that Paul was on vacation "somewhere it's always hot." One kid guessed the beach, and Lee chimed in, "No, he's in Costa Rica!"

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