Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Village

This was our first year to take Lee to Santa's Village in Martin. Matt and I went while we were in college, so we knew how wonderful it was, but we had just never taken the opportunity to take Lee. He was completely mesmerized by the giant tree and all the lights. It was so much fun, and we are already looking forward to taking both boys next Christmas!
There was a neat little petting zoo with a camel,
a kangaroo,
and Lee's favorite, a zebra!
There were a couple of rides, and Lee was almost too big for the carousel. It was the first ride he rode all by himself.
Then he convinced his Daddy to go down the giant slide with him over and over.
It's hard to tell who had more fun! I do know this kid at the bottom nearly got taken out by my boys!

Although Lee was too busy to pose for many pictures for me, he did love this giant chair.
There was a H-U-G-E train set with a fence around it so no one could touch it. Lee and Matt stood just like this forever watching it. I admit that it was wonderful.
Even though it was FREEZING cold that day, we took a carriage ride outside.
Since we have been talking a lot about Disney World a lot lately, Lee was pretty excited to see this friend.

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