Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 Highlights

We couldn't believe that we had to wake Lee up on Christmas morning to see if Santa had come, but we did. He must have gotten hot in the night, since he had pulled up his "pant sleeves" and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt.

Although he was drowsy, he jumped right up and ran into the living room. He was all smiles!

Santa left a Geo Trax Cars race track. It was hard to tear him away from this to see what else was there.

A giant art easel! He was in awe of this and couldn't believe it was his. The art table and easel are his favorite things to use during free play at school. I think he forgot that he asked Santa for this months ago.

Then it was time to check the stocking. First was a new steam roller!

He thought it was HILARIOUS that Santa left underwear in his stocking. He kept saying over and over, "There was underwear in my stocking. Did you see that?" It was funny every time.

Batman tattoos!

We got him pixos, based on a recommendation from Lee's teacher. She had seen these and thought that he could manipulate the small beads and would enjoy the artistic part too. As luck would have it, Pixos come in a Cars version!

He was pretty excited about this new Cars game too.

What little boy doesn't need more Legos?

Lee got his Daddy this cool new knife that has a Masonic emblem on it. We got it at the Co-op, which was Lee's first trip there. It was one of the highlights of the holiday season for me. I have told this story many times, so many of you have probably heard it already. As I was checking out, Lee spotted the side room and asked if he could go look in there. I told him that we would walk around as soon as I was done. I had no idea I would be spending the better part of the next 30 minutes in this one room. He immediately spotted the wall of tools and was fascinated. He wanted his own shovel, rake, hoe and "dirt grabber," which most people call a post hole digger. He also picked out a rocking chair for our front porch, a swing, and a lawn mower that we just had to have. He was being so animated and hilarious that the men who were working there came over to visit with him. My normally shy child was full of himself running around telling the men what he was going to tell his Daddy he wanted and needed. On the way home, I had to convince him not to tell Daddy about our trip or else Daddy would wonder what we were doing at the Co-op. Surprisingly, he kept the secret. When Matt opened the knife, he told him all about it though.
Then it was on to Nam and Pa's for a wonderful breakfast feast and presents. Hope was a pro at opening presents this year.
I love a good reaction, and Hayes was full of them!
Shelby was a little more reserved than her brother.
Hope got a new raincoat and boots and loved them!
These 2 boys kept the Imaginext people in business this year. They love all of those sets. Lee got the firehouse, and Paul got the space shuttle.
Lee needed a break!
Paul got a new robe--so cute!
Here is another good reaction from Hayes. Sadly, it was over Goosebumps books, which I just don't get yet. I know my time is coming that Lee will choose this type of book over Curious George, but I'll fight it as hard as I can until then!
Hope is so lucky to have all of her cousins dote on her all the time.
After lunch with my great aunt, Mozelle, we made a quick stop at Aunt Clara's and my grandmother's to exchange gifts with them and cousins, Nicholas and Ashlynn.
We had to drag the 3 of them out kicking and screaming so we could all make our final stop of the day.
Our final stop was at my dad's for Christmas with my brother, sister-in-love, and nieces.
Brylie loves anything with Tinkerbell!
Lee got a sled and took the girls on a "ride." Now, we're waiting on some snow, so we can break it in the right way! Lee has been praying for snow for 2 weeks. Before we left for Disney, there was a prediction for snow on Christmas Eve. So we told him we might have some when we got home. We've currently been home for a week and have only seen flurries!
We had the most wonderful Christmas season. I feel like we have made a month out of it with the parties, concerts, programs and family gatherings. I'm never ready for it to end and get sad when the decorations are put away. One thing that has kept me from being too sad is knowing we will be doubly blessed this time next year. I can hardly wait to celebrate Christmas with our 5 year old and 8 month old next year!

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