Tuesday, December 8, 2009

23 Weeks!

We are officially 23 weeks pregnant, and according to the website I use, there is no change in the weight and length this week. I find that hard to believe, but either way, we'll just refer to last week's picture of the plantain. The baby is approximately 1 pound and 12 inches long. I went to the doctor this morning, and although the ultra sound showed the baby to be a week ahead of schedule, Dr. K did not change our due date. I was so happy, because I really don't want him to come before Easter. I want to be able to enjoy Easter with Lee and not be recovering from surgery. Dr. K said the ultra sound stats were perfect. Of course they were! We only make perfect babies around here! (Just don't ask me about the last 2 days at preschool! YIKES!)

This week the baby is beginning to breathe deep breaths instead of short, erratic ones. He is also getting thicker skin and building fat deposits in his skin. His weight should double over the next 4 weeks. He body is getting more proportional, even though his head still looks a little big for his little body. This probably won't change. You know about the Hayes head, right?

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