Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Andy" at 22 Weeks

I think our produce days may be coming to an end soon. I finally found this plantain that was close to the baby's approximate measurements of 12 inches long and weighing 1 pound this week.
My little photographer wanted to take pictures of me this week. You should have seen the way he acted behind the camera. He was very bossy telling me how to stand, whether to smile or not, etc. I'm not sure where he has ever seen this behavior! This week, the baby has developed nerve endings in his fingers and is able to feel things. In the ultra sound, he was rubbing his face and sucking on his hands. I'm certain that means he's advanced and actually developed this skill before last week. The taste buds are developing rapidly, so he is actually tasting some of the things I'm eating. (I hope he's enjoying the pumpkin!) He can hear voices and distinguish vocal patterns. (How anyone knows this, I have no clue!) Finally, he can detect light and dark now. He obviously hasn't learned that dark means sleepy time! He's up and active all night long! This reminds me of a funny thing Lee did the other night. At bedtime, he was telling "Andy" and me goodnight. When he hugged me, he thought he felt the baby move. I told him I didn't think it was him, but maybe he would move for him in a few minutes. So Lee disappeared for a few seconds, came running back and told me to lay down on the couch. I obliged, and then he yanked my shirt up. He pulled out his magnifying glass that has a light on it. He started waving it over my stomach with the glass up to his eye, shining the light on me, and saying, "C'mon, Andy. Over here!" Matt and I were laughing hysterically and thought he sounded like he was calling a dog. I never knew if the baby responded to his calling, because I couldn't quit laughing.

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