Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quota Christmas Party

Tonight, we had fun celebrating Christmas with the Quotarians.

Lee has been going to Quota meetings with me since he was an infant.
He is always a hit at Quota functions. Some of the ladies insist that he call them "Auntie" so-n-so. Tonight, they were all full of questions about his baby brother. I took him his own supper, since we were having a fancy dinner that I didn't think he would like. Boy was I wrong! Not only did he eat his supper, but then he ate at least half of Matt's steak! He is so unpredictable sometimes! All the people at our table got a big kick out of him.
After a wonderful meal, we got to mingle with fabulous ladies, like these 2 sisters! They are each in their 90's and are more active than some women my age!
To cap off the evening, we were entertained by the band, Seldom Seine. They were incredible! If you are in town this weekend, they will be performing at Jack Jones from 12-2 and at Leach's from 3-5 on Saturday. They will perform a full concert on December 27th at 6:00 at First Christian Church. Trust me, it will be worth your while to go hear them.
My name was drawn to win a door prize, and the gift was handed to Lee to open. He pulled out a bottle of Allegro marinade and proclaimed, "Oh yay, Mom, it's wine!" I quickly told him it wasn't wine, but it was marinade that daddy could use when he grills for us. So he turned around and handed it to Matt and said, "Sorry Daddy, this must have been a gift for you."

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