Friday, December 4, 2009

One Exciting Event at a Time

The past few months have been full of exciting events for our family and especially for Lee. He started to preschool, learned he would be a big brother, celebrated 2 major holidays, learned he was getting a baby brother, had parties and programs at school, etc. Matt and I thought it would be best to save this last event until it was the next big thing for him. He still has trouble understanding how far away something will be, and we didn't want to keep answering his question of "Is it time yet?" So, now that we are down to the wire, and we are in the full Christmas spirit, we thought it was time to tell him the big news.

We are going to Disney World at Christmas!
We asked him to guess where we were going on vacation, and his first guess was to Mississippi to visit Great-Aunt June. He was so excited at the idea, so we could have saved a ton of money and just visited family instead. He ended up guessing every place he had ever heard of, except Disney World, so we began giving him clues. Once he figured it out, he was over the moon.
And so are we!

This is the Port Orleans Resort in the French Quarter, where we will be staying. Since I have always wanted to visit New Orleans, I'm most excited about staying here.

I hope these guys didn't read my last post. I really don't hate all mice!

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