Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Party

I can not get enough of Christmas this year! I always love the season, but for some reason this year, I love it more than ever. That happens to be a good thing for our family, because we have had and will have at least one Christmas activity per day leading up to our vacation. The Quota Christmas party was a formal, catered event, which was a nice change from the hustle and bustle that often accompanies this time of year. Then, we had our Sunday School Christmas Party the next night. It was anything but formal. It is our one night together without kids, and we take full advantage of it. From the time more than two people are gathered, it is non-stop chattering and laughter. My cheeks were still hurting from laughing after we got home! We do a dirty Santa gag gift exchange that is so much fun. There are always a couple of "real" gifts mixed in, and there is a fight to keep them! After the gift exchange, Stan and Stephanie introduced us to a new game they found that we played in teams. (Matt and I were losers!) I can't begin to remember all the rules and tricks to the game, so here are some pictures. It was a ton of fun and was perfect for a large group.

Tiffany went home with this snazzy egg separator! It was one of my favorite gifts from the night.
Can you tell what a great job it does? Lee would have loved it.
Brittney was the proud new owner of this mu mu. She ended up with mop slippers to match, which was the highlight of the evening for her husband!
Doesn't everyone need a Playboy snuggie?
Or blue legwarmers?
This was the highlight of the night for Matt. When we bought our house, there were lots of little "treasures" left in the shed and basement. The former owner made lots of crafts and was very proud of them. We were tickled to find these 2 great lamps that had been accented in a bedazzled fashion. You could tell they were once used inside the house somewhere-YIKES! Anyway, we gifted this beauty at a Sunday School party several years ago, and it has come back every year. Well, that was until last year. Matt was devastated. The new owners claimed they couldn't find it, but I was suspicious. I thought they took a year off so everyone would forget about it, and it would be a great surprise this year. As it turns out, they were telling the truth and couldn't find it until their recent move. When I saw them walk in with the appropriate sized box, I knew then that the lamp had returned. It was an even better gift since Todd opened it, because he had never seen the lamp before and certainly didn't know what to make of it. The oldies in our class couldn't quit laughing long enough to tell him the history of the lamp. Finally, Stan recovered and plugged it in so we could all be bedazzled by its beauty! I'm already nervous about its return next year. Matt couldn't handle the disappointment if it got misplaced again!
Rachel had to practice with her new bump-its. Have you seen this infomercial? It is hilarious! Rachel could be the new spokesmodel, because she certainly had the "bump."
Let the game begin! One of the rules the Lattas drew was to play peek-a-boo with anyone who spoke to them. If they forgot, they lost a point. It drew tons of laughter, especially when they did it in sync!
No words for these 2!
Again, the game brought out everyone's funniest sides. It was one of the most fun nights we've ever had! I just hope I'm welcomed back after posting these pictures.

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