Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at Holy Cross Preschool

I had no idea how much fun Christmas was going to be at preschool. It seems like every day since Thanksgiving, there has been a Christmas activity. Lee has looked forward to going to see what was coming next. Here are some pictures from 2 especially fun and special days.
This picture is out of order, but this is the whole gang posing with Santa.
Here are the children when Santa first came through the door. They had no idea he was coming, and they were so surprised and excited.
This guy was especially excited to talk to Santa. The last time they chatted, he asked for a "real live go cart." This time, he was more practical and asked for a race track. That made this mommy very happy!
I love the look on his face here. He is thinking about what he's going to ask for.
On another day, the children exchanged gifts after drawing names. They sat so quietly on their rug and watched each other open gifts. I was amazed at how patient and grateful they were with each other. It was like I was watching them grow up right before my eyes. They had no practice or rehearsal whatsoever. And anyone who has been around a 4 year old knows they say what is on their minds. I was so impressed at how most every child acted like the gift he received was just what he wanted. It was precious! (The kids in this picture are Farrah Fowlkes, John Michael Rhodes, Lee, Bryleigh Hayes and Preston Pooler.)
Lee 's buddy, Ava Kate, drew his name.
And she knew just what he liked! He got a new rescue vehicle and LOVED it!
He could not quit smiling.
So excited! It was such a fun day, and I was thrilled to get to be a part of it.

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