Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vaccine update

Lee and I just got home from getting our H1N1 shots. Lee had to get the shot instead of the mist, due to the mist containing the live virus. He was such a brave boy and barely flinched when he got the shot. Then he offered to hold my hand while I got mine. It was pretty precious. Both nurses "awwwwed."

I ran into a friend while waiting, who is also pregnant, and she and her little boy were getting their shots. She no longer lives in Paris, but she contacted Dr. Kimberlin to seek advice on the vaccine. She left a message for his nurse to call back, and he called her back himself. (I think I love that man more every day. What a treasure to have him here!) Anyway, he told her that she must get the vaccine, and then he told her that one of his patients got the H1N1 flu and was transferred to Jackson yesterday. Because she was so sick, she was forced to deliver early and is in very critical condition. My friend said that he sounded very upset. She had been praying over her decision, and talking to Dr. K was hopefully going to convince her one way or the other. She realized she didn't have a choice after hearing about his patient. We don't know who the woman or baby is, but please pray that she and the baby will pull through and pray for Dr. K, who cares so much for his patients.

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  1. I will be praying for the mom and her scary! And that Dr. K, he really is the best!