Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eloise is 15 Weeks.

Eloise is about 4 inches long, weighs 2 1/2 ounces and is the size of an apple. Its lungs are formed and are beginning to work. The legs are now longer than the arms, and all are moving a lot right now. It has formed taste buds and even though its eyelids are still closed, it can sense light and would likely turn away if you shine a flashlight at my stomach. I'm glad Lee doesn't know this or else he would be trying it! At my next appointment, we will schedule the ultrasound and find out the sex. It will likely be the week before Thanksgiving, and we can't wait! I heard the heartbeat on Friday, and it was 163. Nurse Patty immediately said she thought that indicated a girl, but I reminded her that Lee's heart rate was always that high too.


  1. So I am getting pretty attached to the name Eloise...boy or girl you might consider it! I am excited for you to find out the sex too! Tell Dr. K and Patty I said hi for me, don't you just love them!?

  2. Oh no! The playgroup girls like Eloise too! I threaten them every time they say they like it. Lee is absolutely set on it. It might have been a mistake to continue calling the baby that. I can't wait to find out and settle on a name. I think we'll find out the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, I absolutely adore everyone at Dr. K's office. I will tell them you said hi. Keep those precious pics coming of your sweet girl!