Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preschool Humor

Lee has been in preschool for a month now and loves it more every single day. He literally starts talking in the car when I pick him up and doesn't slow down until we get home. He wants to tell me everything.This is so far from any experience we've ever had, and I realize it could end any moment. So for now, I am soaking it all in and enjoying every minute of his details.

They have a class gerbil named Peter. The children bring paper towel rolls to give to him, and according to Lee, he just chews them up and spits them out in his cage. Yesterday, he told me a hilarious story about Mrs. Angie coming in one morning to find that Peter had escaped his cage and was hanging out in the toys. Then he told me that Mrs. Angie had taken Peter home over the weekend to clean out his cage, so he would have room to make a nest for his babies. Hmm...there are 2 problems with this story. First, Peter is a boy (supposedly), and second, Peter lives in a cage alone. When I asked Lee who told him that Peter was having babies, he said that's what Mrs. Angie told them. I'm volunteering tomorrow, so I'll be sure to get the rest of the story.

Today on the way home, Lee was telling me about the Bible Story and asked me if I knew that God made each of us to be Satans. After asking him to repeat himself, I stifled my laughter and said, "Do you think Mrs. Angie said that God made us to be saints?" He giggled, and said, "Oh yeah."

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