Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Silly Boy

If someone who doesn't know us came into our house at Lee's bedtime, they would think we had absolutely lost our minds. It truly is an event, beginning with bathtime. Tonight, as Lee was "relaxing" in the tub, he asked me to give him a few minutes before washing to "just enjoy the moment." Every night after I dress him, he wants to brush his own hair. I'm fine with that, but he normally sends me to the living room to wait with my eyes closed until he says, "Ta-Da!" Then I can look at his hair creation and giggle and help him sneak up on his Daddy. Tonight, I could hear him crawling down the hall, and since I was working on some pictures I had taken today, I had my camera in my lap. As soon as he said the magic words, I was ready for a picture. He was even funnier than what I was picturing in my head while I waited with closed eyes.

I don't know why he combed his hair and then chose a headband for bedtime, but it was hilarious. He kept telling me to quit laughing so he could "sneak up on Daddy." Mind you, Matt was sitting 3 feet away on the other couch trying not to look or giggle.
Then, Lee crawled as fast as he could and "hid" under the arm of the couch until he could surprise Matt. I don't know why this routine is so funny to him or us, but it just is. As if this routine isn't goofy enough, there's more. Each night, Matt and I have a pretend argument over who is putting Lee to bed. Lee thinks it is so funny that we each beg him for it to be our turn to read to him and cuddle with him. Matt's argument tonight was that I would need to blog, so it should be his turn. Lee gave me the meanest look and said, "Mommy, you don't really have to bwog tonight, do ya?" As soon as I started laughing, he tagged me to be the cuddler. In order to keep things fair, he let Matt read him a book and let me read the Bible story. He can be a good little negotiator during these "arguments." That's still not the end of our bedtime madness. Once we get to the bed, Lee has more commands. Tonight, he told me when I heard him say, "I'm tickled pink" that was my cue to rub his back. So, I would rub until I got tired and would take a break. He would wiggle that little bottom and say, "I'm tickled pink." If I didn't respond fast enough, he would wiggle faster and say, "Mommy, I said I'm tickled PINK!" It got to be too funny, and I had to stop. We both got the giggles, and I knew he would never go to sleep. On nights when we have plenty of time to be silly, our bedtime routine is hilarious and my favorite time of day. When we're late getting home or late getting to bed, it's not quite such an adventure!
We have never had Lee say a memorized prayer or blessing. He has always just gotten to say what he wants. It has varied from being very serious to thanking God for gum, etc. Since he has been at Holy Cross, he has learned several new prayers and blessings. Since they have learned several, he often gets them mixed up. He is still very sincere, but it's often hard for Matt and me not to laugh. The other night at supper, he was getting a little confused, and I could tell that he just wanted to end it. So he said, "And God, you and Jesus, well, you're the best guys. Amen."

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