Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Lee has been anxiously awaiting the time for us to buy our pumpkins for carving. A friend recently recommended a pumpkin patch not far from our house, so we went to check it out today. The full operation was not open today, but Lee was thrilled to get our pumpkins. He didn't realize there was more to do there, so he'll be surprised when we go back next week for the hayride and games.
His first choice was a pumpkin for Eloise. The owner asked who Eloise was, and he told her she is his baby sister. I didn't bother explaining that Eloise is in utero or the fact that we don't know if it's a brother or sister yet.
Next, he chose a pumpkin for himself. He has already made big plans for carving it. He also picked out pumpkins to represent Matt and me. He chose an enormous one for Matt, and then said, "We'll get this tall, skinny one for you, Mom." Why thank you, Lee. And yes, you may have candy corn for supper.
He insisted on hauling them to the car himself, even though the owner offered her wagon for him to pull them.
It was a heavy haul!
This pumpkin was labeled "The Giant."
They also had beautiful mums and decorations.
Can you find Lee in this picture?

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