Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pure Exhaustion!

Today was my first day to volunteer at Lee's preschool. I knew in advance that the state inspector would be there, so I was ready to be busy. I don't think I could have been truly prepared for how busy 26 4 year olds would keep me! They were very good, but it was 3 1/2 hours of non-stop shoe tying, potty breaks, nose wipes, comforting, encouraging, reading, painting, moon sand playing, hand washing, leaf making, snack eating busyness. There were 4 adults working, and it took every one of us to keep things moving. I was nervous since it was my first day and with the inspector being there. I am going back on Friday and am looking forward to being more relaxed then. Lee was perfect and didn't mind sharing me with his friends at all. I have always joked about his "non-performing" and worried that his teachers would tell me that he needs to learn his colors when he goes to Kindergarten. If he doesn't want to share information, he is just not going to. I have been worried for no reason. He definitely showed his skills and knowledge at school today. I could tell by the teachers' reaction to him that he is a good student. He wasn't shy at all. I was very, very proud.

I was looking forward to coming home and resting with Lee for the afternoon, but thanks to the coward who hit my car and didn't bother to stop, I have spent my afternoon with insurance adjusters and police officers! I'm more than a little aggravated to have to file my very first insurance claim for damage that I did not cause. After filing the police reports, insurance claim reports, being interviewed by the adjusters, and getting an estimate, I'm finally home for an hour before I'm off to teach 17 3 year olds in choir. I am pretty sure it will be a close race to see who crashes first tonight. Normally Lee is the one who crashes at 8:00, but I think I will give him some competition tonight!

My friend, Carla, recently posted a sleeping picture of her little boy, and it reminded me that I haven't taken a sleeping picture of my sweet boy lately. We got a body pillow to put by the wall, because he kept cuddling up to the wall. I couldn't stand the thought of him being by that cold wall all winter.


  1. Harrison wants to know what is on Lee's belly? So, I told him I would ask...

  2. It's a pirate dog. You can see the smaller design on his pants.