Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 Months Old

Your biggest fan continues to be your big brother. He can't get enough of you. He wants to be the first one in your room in the morning, the last one to give you a kiss at night, to feed you, to make you laugh, and teach you new words. You are even crazier about him and go nuts when you first see him after being separated. Now I tell you that we're going to school to get Lee as I put you into your car seat. You kick and squeal, and I feel confident that you understand where we're going. The teachers get a thrill out of watching your reaction each day when you first see him.
You are a great eater! You have eaten every fruit and vegetable possible with no allergies. You have cereal and fruit for breakfast, a jar of vegetables for lunch, and a dinner with vegetables and a jar of fruit with supper. This week, you had your first cracker and loved it. You weigh 17 pounds, 8 ounces. I think we will move you to an upright car seat soon. You keep trying to sit up in the carrier, and you don't fit in it as well with all of your winter clothes.
You chew on absolutely anything that gets close to your mouth, and you are as drooly as ever, so I feel like a tooth could appear any day. You like your pacifier a lot, but right now, you seem to be chewing it more than sucking it. I think you prefer your fingers, but I try to keep them out of your mouth as much as possible.
You are a very happy, social baby. The ladies in the nursery at church fight over you, and you love all of their attention. When anyone visits our house, you squeal or "cough" to get their attention. You are repeating a lot of words, although most of them are just one time. Words that you have mastered are "Bye bye, Dada, Mama, Buh-buh, Hi and Up." You have the cutest wave when you do "bye bye." It takes a long time to actually leave anywhere, because everyone wants one more wave from you. You can roll over numerous times to get to something out of reach, and just this week, you started scooting on your belly to reach something. Just when we thought the Christmas tree was safe.....


  1. Enjoyed reading the update. Reece always wants to wake Ainsley up, and she just loves being around her big brother. This is a blessing I did not anticipate.

    I do believe little man is looking more like his daddy every day.

  2. i can't believe how much he has grown. christmas is going to be extra fun at the hayes house this year!