Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy!

Just by looking at this precious face, you'd never know what a handful he was this morning! When he got up at 7:00, I thought his pajamas felt a little damp. As I was changing him, he started peeing everywhere; all in his face, in his hair, on the wall, and on the changing table. It was like a geyser. Luckily he had his paci in his mouth, so he didn't get any in there. He was completely soaked and needed a full bath. So, I ran a quick bath in the kitchen sink. He thinks these baths are wonderful! Anyway, I stripped him down in his room and headed to the kitchen. As I was spreading his towel out on the counter, he peed all over me. It was running down my side and leg and was puddling on the floor. Since Matt was gone and Lee was still asleep, I had no choice but to wear it until I was done with his bath. Of course, he giggled the entire time, like he knew he did something funny. Life with little boys is never dull!